Context: Self-portrait art inspired by a Yin+Yang yoga class so beautifully guided by Megan Blennerhassett at Kanuka Yoga Space. A journey exploring and rebalancing the energy of the throat (Vishuddha) chakra. 

Words from the artist: I really felt this affirmation in my heart because I remember so vividly being that person who felt unable to speak my truth, and how much I appreciated those around me who felt able to speak and used their voice for advocacy. I feel such deep gratitude for these people because their voice instilled feelings of hope, belonging and comfort that I was not alone in my struggles. Sometimes this hope was the thing that carried me through. In this moment, I feel happy reflecting on my own healing journey and the growth that I've experienced over the year, truly feeling proud for allowing myself to embody who I am despite what others may think. Life after trauma is really something, but right now I'm taking a moment to celebrate the path that I've walked. The courage, bravery and strength I've gained along the way. The confidence and trust in my true self, the ability to speak my truth, things that a teenage me would have never thought possible. I'm celebrating the pain that's unlocked a greater depth of understanding and connection with others. 

This artwork is here to provide energetic support: as you continue to embrace and speak your potent beautiful truths.

8x10" art print - I speak my truth for those who can't

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Open edition print
Hand signed by the artist
275gsm fine art textured matte paper
Archival quality paper

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Infused with Reiki + energy healing to bring you the healing you need in this moment. Breathe in and reconnect with the Earth, grounding yourself back into your body and the moment that is now. Scent profile: fresh birch, woodland sage, patchouli. Handpoured in Auckland, New Zealand.


soy wax healing candle - dusty rose

Decorative concrete healing plates that were created through a process of inner exploration; an embracing of true self expression combining energy healing with artistry and craft. Channelled with energy healing + Reiki bringing uplifting energy and balance for those special pieces in your life.


concrete healing tray (large)

Printed on Hahnemühle 310gsm German textured etching paper. Artwork providing energetic support in accepting and speaking to the parts of self that feel harder to embrace. Unframed print. Worldwide shipping for all artwork every Tuesday. 


8x10" art print - I am a beautiful work in progress