Context: Inspired by traditional mandala art. I think all artists and creatives enter this portal many many many times. And no matter the amount of times you enter, I can assure you that the birthing portal is not the most comfortable place to be. I can truly confirm this as a mother of two kids. But whether it is a child or a creation, It is a hard and painful place to be where you exist almost in limbo between two different realities. It can feel like there is no escape as you find yourself begging for the pain to go away. In the birthing portal you learn to hold yourself through your breath. Panting, then blowing the air so softly. Rocking your hips, swaying from side to side. Moaning and groaning. Sweating. Crying. It is transition. But the gift that you are given on the other side, it's really something.

Words from the artist: In the week before creating this piece I was exposed to a lot of mandala art. I thought these pieces looked so beautiful and intricate - so much time, energy and love poured into these creations. This piece started off looking like a traditional mandala with grid support for symmetry. The colours I had felt drawn to use were shades of blue and orange, with triangles and floral patterns weaving their way into the design. It was interesting to observe my thoughts through this process. Each layer took so long to form. I couldn't get over how bored I felt although somewhat relaxed, and wondered if others feel this way too when making mandalas. I wondered if people force themselves to continue because of the amount of time that get invested in their creation. Or if people truly find it relaxing. I felt so constricted by the grid and just didn't feel expressed, so I decided to give my mandala a bit of an abstract look. Large blue petals and free curvy strokes appeared as if the flowers were truly starting to bloom. Not only did they bloom but they turned wild and expanded beyond the grid that was trying to contain her. It was an energy that truly had a mind of its own. I was taken to a different space - a peaceful space, so calm, so loving, so accepting. Pastel colours in pink, peach and teal started to appear. It was so soft and so welcoming in the unpredictability and wildness. Small parts of the grid peeped through the shades that felt like the most heavenly sunset. The energy felt like whirlpool, drawing me deeper and deeper and deeper into the centre of the canvas as the words echoed in my head "Am I an artist or am I mad? Enter the birthing portal and see..."

This artwork is here to provide energetic attunements to keep you safe every time you enter this portal. Healing energy to hold and nurture you as you move through it and unimaginable abundance as you exit the portal into your new reality. It is really here to provide safety and a sense of comfort as you find your authentic creative expression and allow yourself to grow and flourish from this newfound space.

8x10" art print - The Birthing Portal

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275gsm fine art textured matte paper
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I share more of this story on my podcast 'The Process' - 

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