Words from the artist: If you see this art, and if you read these words, this piece is dedicated to you - the healer. Being a 'healer' is not something you need to learn or something you need a qualification for - it is a remembering of who you already are. You might not identify with the word 'healer' because of how the world tells you a healer should look like or be. You might not feel 'eligible' to be a healer. You might think that a true healer sits to do healing sessions all day - not true. There's no such thing as right or wrong, yes or no, good or bad. If you feel it in your heart, then you are a healer. And then the work begins for you to remember your power and to find your unique expression so you can share your gifts in a way that is meaningful and supportive to you as a human.

A healer will always be a healer no matter what they choose to do for work because they heal by their being. A healer acts as a vessel for healing to flow through. In a space of openness, they heal with their presence. The more they learn to embrace and accept who they are, the wider the vessel becomes. The greater the depth and magnitude of healing. So it doesn't really matter how you choose to express yourself, because by your 'being' you channel healing energy into this world. By your being you support others on their path, sharing wisdom that is deeply healing and transformative. You heal through your words, through your art, through your creations, through your flow - through your being.

It's been a long long journey for me in remembering and redefining myself over the years as I've moved through the transitions that came with Motherhood, Reiki + energy healing work and challenging life experiences. This morning in restorative yoga I was guided to the most beautiful place where I received the gift of knowing that "I am (finally) here" - I remember. Toward the end of the visualization we were to climb to the top of a marble staircase, but I found myself walking down the marble stairs - arriving in my body. Flooded by the light radiating from my being. Hearing the words "I am here". Transported to the other side looking back at myself and seeing beings illuminated in light. I saw myself standing strong in who I am as both an artist and a healer, embracing my unique expression. Guided by my knowing. Protected by the angels of wisdom called my 'higher self' and soul. An infinite fertile being here to grow and birth creations into the world. I take it as no error at all that I walked down the stairs, but see the symbolism of a very transcendent soul choosing to be here. "I am here".

This artwork is here to provide embodied energetic healing support for you - the healer - as you navigate the journey of remembering and understanding what being a healer means to you. This piece will support you as you embrace your unique expression and choose to share healing in the way that feels right for you. Coded with solar plexus, third eye and higher heart chakra activations to help you as you remember who you are - you are the healer.

Affirmation: "I am a powerful healer"

A2 art print - I am here

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Sink into a soft and cozy place within as you cast your gaze on the flickering flame. Feel yourself wrapped in cocooning nurturing energy as you draw from the qualities of the lotus flower. A symbol of resilience, beauty and strength. Even in the murky pond her roots connect her to the Earth, her heart open radiating light and truth into the world.


N U R T U R I N G - soy wax healing candle - dusty rose

Individually handcrafted decorative concrete healing plates that were born when energy healing met artistry and craft. Plates are channelled with energy healing + Reiki to rebalance the energy of the items put on them and radiate healing and uplifting energy and into those special pieces in your life. 


H E L D - concrete healing tray - mini

Words from the artist: "It can feel hard to care for ourselves at times but we are truly the only ones who understand and feel the needs of the child within; as that child is us. It is never to late to meet these needs and heal hurts of the past. In time with gentle compassion, curiosity, patience and love we can begin to nurture and nourish ourselves; reconnecting once again with our body and self. 


A2 art print - Why am I here? Pt 2. The inner child