Context: Part 2/3 of a throat chakra activation collection that embodies the energy of a relationship where self and inner child are equals. Exploring themes of reinventing situations with safety, self-soothing and what it means and looks like to truly 'hold yourself'.

Words from the artist: Our inner child will always be part of us. We don't need to 'be better' to get rid of parts of them that 'hold us back'. The inner child just wants to be loved, seen and accepted for all of who they really are. We don't need to change them, we can learn to embrace them and hold their hand and heart. We can work together with safety and trust, whispering: come now, lets go home. 

This piece has been reinvented three times and each piece holds supportive energy toward the different seasons that exist within every cycle of growth.

The story of the cocoon:
The next morning she awoke in a cocoon, overwhelmed by sadness - wondering if she had missed her chance to express her true self. She sat in the cocoon which was held in the arms of the creator. She sat and she looked around - seeing and feeling the light pouring through. Realizing that she was the light. It was not too late, no. It is never too late to reinvent oneself. It is never too late to reinvent creations.  She sat in the cocoon, so safe+held. The day turned into night, sounds of crickets and sparkling stars were the lullaby as she rested - drawing, expressing, being in this cocoon where there was no where to go but inward. And with love, patience and time the poem (her words) became her wings.

A pause can feel like frustration 
To wait can feel like you're stuck
To trust can feel like you're incompetent
To breathe can feel so hard

With growth sometimes it's hard to hold yourself
Through the unsteadiness of it all
To grow is self-compassion 
For choosing vices to feel safe

To grow is to embrace forgiveness
Acceptance and the kindest heart
For you: the star and the seed
The human that moves through it all

This artwork is here to provide energetic support: of the butterfly spirit (the energy of transformation and growth), the ocean/water element and the unconditional love our bodies hold for us. The gift of life through a heart that always beats and lungs that help us breathe.

This collection is designed to be displayed in numerical order. For the other two works see:

A2 art print - We can work together | Pt. 2 the cocoon

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Pt 1. the caterpillar

Pt 3. the butterfly

"Why am I here? Why am I here? I am here to be who I am. And who I am is more than enough." Here to provide energetic support: as you practice feeling into the power of the present moment, using this powerful energy to help you start - just as you are right now.


16x16" art print - Why am I here? Pt 1. Enough

Decorative concrete healing plates that were created through a process of inner exploration; an embracing of true self expression combining energy healing with artistry and craft. Channelled with energy healing + Reiki bringing uplifting energy and balance for those special pieces in your life.


concrete healing tray (mini)

Rebalance and re-energize the energy within yourself and your home as white light clears your energetic field. All thought forms and beliefs that no longer serve you are sent to the Earth with love for healing. Feel into the space of neutrality and oneness as your heart and soul are filled with peaceful and uplifting energy.


U P L I F T I N G - soy wax healing candle - beige