Context: Exploring play and joy in the context of learning and remembering how to reconnect and care for the child within. 

Words from the artist: The imagery is my hand sketched within my own hand with words to remind myself of the needs of the child within. In the little hand is the voice of the child, with guidance and care prompts for what I can do as the adult today to nurture the child whose needs were denied several times. This piece was intentionally hung in my bathroom at my home to serve as a constant reminder and also as a support for guests who visit our home. The perfect place to ponder. It can feel hard to care for ourselves at times but we are truly the only ones who understand and feel the needs of the child within; as that child is us. It is never to late to meet these needs and heal hurts of the past. In time with gentle compassion, curiosity, patience and love we can begin to nurture and nourish ourselves; reconnecting once again with our body and self.

The process of this art is very special to me. It's helped me move through an old story of feeling like my dreams or visions were out of reach because of struggles with fluctuating energy levels and mood. This piece has supported me in learning to work with my energy fluctuations and take small steps of grounded action. I learnt patience and perseverance both in the process of printing and hanging the work. It's the first piece that truly made me feel like an artist. The first piece that was hung in a gallery.  The piece that has taught me a lot about following through with my dreams. 

This artwork is here to provide energetic support: through times of uncertainty and doubt. It holds the energy of perseverance and endurance that success and achievement infact is available to those who experience fluctuations in energy and mood. A resilience and strength that can be drawn from time and time again.

A2 art print - Why am I here? Pt 2. The inner child

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"Why am I here? Why am I here? I am here to be who I am. And who I am is more than enough." Here to provide energetic support: as you practice feeling into the power of the present moment, using this powerful energy to help you start - just as you are right now.


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Decorative concrete healing plates that were created through a process of inner exploration; an embracing of true self expression combining energy healing with artistry and craft. Channelled with energy healing + Reiki bringing uplifting energy and balance for those special pieces in your life.


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Rebalance and re-energize the energy within yourself and your home as white light clears your energetic field. All thought forms and beliefs that no longer serve you are sent to the Earth with love for healing. Feel into the space of neutrality and oneness as your heart and soul are filled with peaceful and uplifting energy.


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