Context: Inspired by the connectedness of everything in our universe and beyond. I find it so amazing that no matter where in the world we are we all look at the same sun, the same moon and have the same Earth underneath our feet. I believe that everything or everyone that we encounter in life is part of our miraculous unfolding; coming home to ourselves.

Words from the artist: It is truly beautiful to pause and notice how we are all so supported by one another and so deeply connected. We are held in our joy and in our lowest lows – by music, an unexpected ‘thinking of you’ message, encouragement from a friend, a new project to work on. Connectedness exists through it all and is always there to carry us through.

I look up at the sky
I look up at the clouds
I see hundreds of birds
I see hundreds of suns

I look down at the ground
I look down at the soil
I see hundreds of flowers
I see hundreds of seeds

I sit in the dark
I sit in the cold
I feel tears from the sun
I feel warmth from above

I toss and I turn
I change and I grow
I move into the light
I connect to the sun

I look at the sun
And I hear:
‘I am there’
I look down at the Earth
And I hear:
‘I am there’’

I look up at the sun
I have lived in the sun
I am one with the sun
I am the sun

I look down at the Earth
I have lived in the Earth
I am one with the Earth
I am the Earth

I look up at the sky
I look down to the ground
I see hundreds of mirrors
I see hundreds of you

This artwork is here to provide healing support toward nurturing the energy of connection, especially if you are craving for a deeper connection but struggling to find or feel it. May you be reminded that you are held by the powerful healing energy that is the Earth. May you be reminded that you hold that same powerful healing energy; for infact you are the Earth.

A3 art print - Connected 

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275gsm fine art textured matte paper
Archival quality paper

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Sink into a soft and cozy place within as you cast your gaze on the flickering flame. Feel yourself wrapped in cocooning nurturing energy as you draw from the qualities of the lotus flower. A symbol of resilience, beauty and strength. Even in the murky pond her roots connect her to the Earth, her heart open radiating light and truth into the world.


N U R T U R I N G - soy wax healing candle - dusty rose

Individually handcrafted decorative concrete healing plates that were born when energy healing met artistry and craft. Plates are channelled with energy healing + Reiki to rebalance the energy of the items put on them and radiate healing and uplifting energy and into those special pieces in your life. 


H E L D - concrete healing tray - mini

Words from the artist: "It can feel hard to care for ourselves at times but we are truly the only ones who understand and feel the needs of the child within; as that child is us. It is never to late to meet these needs and heal hurts of the past. In time with gentle compassion, curiosity, patience and love we can begin to nurture and nourish ourselves; reconnecting once again with our body and self. 


A2 art print - Why am I here? Pt 2. The inner child