when we were

The three of us were given a name card by our parents. It was a small pocket sized laminated cardboard with rounded edges from the local Christian bookshop. The card had our name it's meaning and a Bible verse on it. My parents talked so much about the importance of our name and gave such special significance to these cards. When a baby was born in their circle of friends, one of these name cards were neatly tucked into the gift.

As a child I never really understood why this seemed so significant to them, especially since I did not identify with my name at all. In school I never wanted to be called by my full name and it was only as an adult in university exams that out of no choice I started to write and form an identity with my full name. I realize that the reason I had so much resistance to using my name was due to an extreme lack of self-acceptance during my younger years, not being able to form a sense of identity following traumatic experiences. 

I am grateful to have created space within to work through a lot of these things over the years, but there were many times along this journey where I had felt lost and alone. Desperately craving a place I could go to rest, to breathe and to heal. 

This is the reason

safe+held is a space you can go where you feel safe and held to be the person that you are right now in this moment. safe+held is a feeling you can create for yourself and for others that come into your home. safe+held: a space of acceptance, trust and love, the feeling of compassion and hope.



my work weaves together

Exploring themes of self-acceptance and the journey of remembering ones true self; in the context of being and existing within the experiences of life after Trauma. I am deeply inspired by the pain I have felt and the path I have walked. The art tells stories that heal. I share these stories through poetry and prose, sharing intuitive insights that arise and my own creative process. My artwork and creations are infused with gentle but transformational healing energy to provide healing support to those navigating different transitions in life.

creativity + spirituality