Allow supportive grounding energy to bring you back to your breath, your body and the moment that is now. Hand-poured in Auckland, NZ into beige irregular shaped ceramics. Reiki and energy healing are channelled into these candles through the creation process and individually before they are sent with love to you. Feel into the forest and the energy of the Earth; allow yourself to be:
G R O U N D E D. 

Scent profile: 
Top: bergamot, eucalyptus + orange
Middle: saffron, neroli + clove bud
Dry Notes: cedar, patchouli, vanilla + sandalwood

Burn time: ~20 to 25 hours

Tune into the present moment through the crackling of the wooden wick. Wicks are made from native sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills.

When you've finished burning your candle, wash thoroughly and well before re-using as a teacup. 


G R O U N D I N G - soy wax healing candle - beige

$35 NZD

Words from the artist: "A piece to remind us of the wisdom and knowing that exists within every cell of our being. Our inner guidance system, our intuition. In times where the future may seem more uncertain than ever, comfort can be found in trusting the intelligence and guidance that comes from within."


8x10" art print - Deep down I know what to do

Rebalance and re-energize the energy within yourself and your home as white light clears your energetic field. All thought forms and beliefs that no longer serve you are sent to the Earth with love for healing. Feel into the space of neutrality and oneness as your heart and soul are filled with peaceful and uplifting energy.


U P L I F T I N G - soy wax healing candle - dusty rose

Decorative concrete healing plates that were created through a process of inner exploration; an embracing of true self expression combining energy healing with artistry and craft. Channelled with energy healing + Reiki bringing uplifting energy and balance for those special pieces in your life.


H E L D - concrete healing tray - medium