the truth looks different for us all

There is a saying
"the truth will set you free"
It is true - the truth will set you free.

This does not mean your truth will set others free or that your truth is the only 'right' truth or that others need to believe in your truth for it to be true.

Our authentic truth is shaped through our personal experiences, natural bias, information we have been exposed to, how much of this information we have been exposed to this information and our minds ability to process this information.

What we select as 'true' often extends beyond pure fact or reasoning. Our authentic truth is not only who we are, but also what we choose to believe and adapt as our own personal philosophy.

on reiki + energy healing:

I believe that we are all our own healers and in our life we meet people that can hold space to help us with our own healing + help us remember who we are.

I have completed my Reiki training (+ energy healing) to Reiki Master Teacher level under the Usui Lineage, attuned by Lucy Francis in Auckland, NZ.

I believe that anyone is capable of using energy healing and that specific attunements to energy healing modalities are not necessary for one to 'be a healer' or to 'heal themselves'. However, through Reiki one can learn to work with energy in a more structured, concentrated and very intentional way. For me personally, Reiki has been the foundation for my energy healing work and has taught me a lot about energy work and myself. it is my intention through teaching Reiki + energy healing that it be taught in an embodied and self-empowered way so that you are held in a space to discover what your own truth is.

My energy healing practice includes a mix of: Reiki, energy healing, crystal therapy, chakra rebalancing, sound healing, channelling, working with archangels + spirit guides and past life clearing. I am also a Yoga Nidra facilitator and have completed this training through Katya Gaynor in California, USA.

In this season I prefer to share my healing gifts through my artistry + craft, as well as teaching Reiki + energy healing (coming soon) in an authentic embodied way. I enjoy facilitating Yoga Nidra group sessions out in Nature + plan to do these as I feel called to.

on being an artist:

I am a self-taught intuitive energy healing artist. While there are benefits from exploring different art techniques and styles in a more structured way, I don't believe that one has to go to art school to be an artist. There is something really powerful in trusting in your own intuition when it comes to art and creativity, something that can't be learnt at school. I believe that we all have experienced the 'creative spirit' and energy of creation at some point in life. As humans we all have the gift and ability to create, it is just up to us to decide whether we choose to nurture and use these gifts. The one thing that makes you an artist is the learning that you already are one.

You'll notice that all my prints are open edition prints - this is because I don't want to limit or control the support that is available through my intuitive energy healing artwork by deciding that only a certain amount of people can have access to this support. I don't think that exclusivity should mean that you hold more value or worth as an artist, but that you hold value and worth as an artist because you like everyone else are a human being; and we all hold equal value (regardless of how we choose to work or what we choose to offer).

as a mother, wife + business owner:

The business model + strategy of safe+held is designed on my own unique needs as a Mother of two, a wife and an intuitive cyclic being with naturally fluctuating energy patterns. I believe that business is an extension of self and it is important for me to honour myself and my unique pace. it is important for me to live the truth of what safe+held means to me by laying my own healing and needs as it's foundational truth.

The need to:
move and nourish my physical body
be present and nurture the relationship with myself
be present and nurture the relationship with my husband
be present and nurture my children
be present and nurture the relationships with my loved ones

- there is room for all here.

Healing candles + healing trays are made in small batches to honour my own pace and personal energy. All orders are processed and shipped within 7 working days to allow time and space for me to operate ensuring that I am able to operate this soul-led business in a way that is energetically sustainable for me. in the unlikely event that I am unable to process your order within this time frame, you will be notified by email with an expected time frame - and if the time frame doesn't suit, you are welcome to a full refund.

on being and feeling different:

safe+held is a non-judgemental and accepting space where all people, beliefs, truths and religions are welcome. it is a space where we are free to embrace our own truth and explore what this means without projecting our truth onto others. it is a space where we are safe to truly express ourselves and explore what it could mean to be just be; just as we are right now.

This is a space where there is room for experiences that aren't commonly accepted within our world. This is a space where you are not bad for how you feel or for how you experience this world. There is space for contradictory thoughts and messiness. There is space for the things that don't make sense. There is space for them just as they are.

This is a space where you can explore these places with non-judgement, compassion, safety and trust. You are safe+held as you learn in your own time and way; to explore and embrace all of what makes you - YOU.

when it comes to labels:

Although labels can be useful to help us search for things or people we are looking for to support us in life, i believe that labels can often be limiting and disempowering in the context of our true capability and potential as human beings.

I use the label "Reiki Master Teacher' so that people who are looking for someone to support them in their Reiki journey are able to find me. Being attuned to "Master' level doesn't make one a Master, a teacher is a also a lifelong student and always learning as an equal. It is often our 'students' that teach us the most humbling lessons. 

I choose not to conform to the stereotypes or expectations that come with the word: "Artist" or "Healer". I choose to define how I want to be and move within what these words mean to me. I choose to label my work in a way that feels right for me, even if these labels are used in different ways by others.

On human experiences that are difficult to navigate: when it comes to fluctuating energy patterns and highs and lows in life - I prefer to accept this as my very normal and valid experience even though it is extremely challenging to navigate sometimes. I believe that some labels hold heavy thought forms or disempowering energy to them and I prefer to practice embracing and accepting who I am rather than thinking there is something wrong with me. Sometimes I will use words like high functioning anxiety, depression or Trauma survivor in my tags - this is to reach others who may feel empowered and supported by these words and be sharing a similar experience to me.

*there is truly no right or wrong / good or bad when it comes to identifying or resonating with labels or not. there is no right belief or way to think, no truth or belief that is considered superior over another. it is important to remember that we are all free to form our truth in ways that feel good to us ↑ this is my personal truth and if it triggers you, I encourage you (with so much love) to ask yourself - why?